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Watch local ads from businesses in your area. 



Answer a couple survey questions. 



Earn reward points for your time and attention.



Redeem your points for special deals!


How It Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How many points do I earn for watching an ad on Magnus Rewards?

Every time you watch a video and answer questions you’ll be rewarded with ten points. In the future this number could rise dramatically! This being the first version of Magnus, we have to build the audience so you can get paid more! We'll also have random drawings and other rewards for those who watch all 20 of their daily ads too!

How long are the ads on Magnus Rewards?

Videos on Magnus are around 35 seconds, some shorter, some longer. You can earn 200 points per day in less than 10 minutes, and be entered into daily drawings for cash and various other prizes!

Will I only be seeing local businesses?

Yes. Any business, large or small, can advertise on Magnus Rewards, but they must be a local business. Right now we are not accepting national franchises. You will see local small-businesses, volunteer and non-profit organizations, community information, political ads, etc. The goal is to promote local businesses organizations and keep dollars circulating in our community.

Can I view an ad more than once and still get the reward?

Definitely! Advertisers want you to see their ads multiple times, and that benefits you too! See…win-win!

Will I get a notice of new ads or will I have to check the app to see if there are new ads available?

There will always be ads available. In the beginning we’re restricting ad viewing to 20 per day, but that is just for this first version and will only be for a little while. We want to make sure you have ads to view! Every night you’ll get a notification if you have views remaining for the day to encourage you to get as many points as you can from Magnus Rewards.

Will the app be free to download?

Absolutely! We want to pay you! We don’t want any money from consumers whatsoever!

How can I redeem my rewards?

In the beginning you will visit the store or business you wish to redeem your rewards from and present them with your phone, if you’ve ever used Groupon it’s similar, and the clerk or attendant will confirm that you are redeeming those rewards. The Magnus Rewards app will deduct your rewards once the business indicates they have been redeemed. Simple as that! We'll worry about the rest!

How many ads can I watch per day?

In the beginning the limit will be 20 per day, but in the future, when we're really rolling and we have ways to make sure ads are being watched, the number will be unlimited! We want to protect our consumers and our businesses, so we're working on getting to the unlimited number soon!


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